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The economic reality in the region (Panel Discussions with Dr. Charbel Nahhas - Prepared by Dr. Omar Nashabeh, CRTD.A 2016) (Arabic, English) This manual is published under CRTD.A’s regional project “Sustainable Economic Opportunities for Women” – phase 3. This regional project comes within the fram... more
The Collective for Research and Training on Development – Action recently published a research report by Tina Wallace on Women’s Work in Lebanon. This publication falls within CRTD.A’s regional program “Sustainable Economic Empowerment for Women” (SEOW phase 3). more
My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Family campaign staged a sit in yesterday outside the labor ministry in Msharafiyeh protesting the ministry’s clampdown on foreign workforce which they said is preventing their non-national children and spouses from work. Women protestors and their families ho... more



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