Collective for Research & Training on Development-Action (CRTD.A) Museum area, behind Volvo Co P.O. Box 165302 Beirut-Lebanon


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  • Main Office

Karim Salameh Bldg - 2nd floor Tel/Fax: +961-1-611079 and +961-1-612924

  • IRIS Office

Karim Salameh Bldg – 1st floor Tel/Fax: +961-1-616751

  • ACGEN and WEEP offices

Mansourati Building, 1st floor Tel/Fax: +961-1-01397813 and +961-1-397796

  • CRTD.A Training Centre and Nationality Hotline

Behlock Building, 1st floor Tel/Fax: +961-1-423659

  • Namlieh market access point

Ramez Salameh building, ground floor Tel/Fax: +961-1-397292